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10 reasons to advertise with The Ferndale Enterprise

1. MARKET PENETRATION | A total of 1,400 Ferndale Enterprises reach homes in Humboldt County and other areas each week, read by an estimated 3,500 readers according to our readers survey. With 630 households in Ferndale, that’s an extremely high “penetration” ratio for the Victorian Village. If you want to reach Ferndalers, the Enterprise is the best way.

2. PAID CIRCULATION | Our newspaper isn’t a free “throwaway.” It is an invited, valued guest in the homes of our readers.

3. NATIONAL PRESENCE | We send hundreds of papers each week to readers across the U.S. Those readers have a great interest in Ferndale and will remember your business when they visit.

4. COMPETITIVE RATES | Our per column inch rate of $6.50 is extremely competitive compared to other weekly newspapers.

5. AWARD-WINNING CONTENT | The news in our papers is as local as you can get. We often run exclusive stories that are picked up later by neighboring weeklies and the county’s daily paper. We have brought home more than 30 state and national awards home in the past 16 years. Our news really is “All About Us.”

6. AD DESIGN ALWAYS FREE | No “makeup” fees or the like. Professional composition included in the ad price.

7. PROVEN SUCCESS | In any given week, we have dozens of businesses advertising in our newspaper, including the most prosperous.

8. LOCAL MEDIAN INCOME | Ferndale has one of the highest per capita incomes in the county. That means buying power and the way to reach those customers is through The Ferndale Enterprise.

9. WE WON’T LOSE YOU IN THE SHUFFLE | Our paper may be small, but you can bet we are read cover to cover. That means your ad, as is the case in bigger papers, won’t be lost in the shuffle. Even the smallest of ads are read because people are interested in the news, businesses and services that directly affect them in our community.

10. WE’RE FUN! | Finally, advertising in The Enterprise means joining in the fun. While we take our news business extremely seriously, we also like to lighten things up a bit, what with Jack’s Corner, Quote of the Week, Ruminations and From the Back Pew.

Advertising rates

Black & white rates

Open rate, per column inch | $6.50

Front page (max. ad size 6 col. inches – 2 x 3), per inch | $7.50

Commission & cash discount

15% to agencies

Special classifications

Meeting notices (civic organizations), weekly, per year | $85.00

Political | General rates apply

Legal notices

Fictitious Business Name Statements – one name, four runs | $50.00

Additional names, per name | $5.95

ABC notices, three times | $33.00

Notice of petition to administer estate, per run, per col. inch | $6.50

Classified rates

20 words or less | $5.60

10 cents per word over 20

Volume contract discounts

Within one year

250 column inches | $6.10

500 column inches | $5.90

750 column inches | $5.75

1000 column inches | $5.60

1400 column inches | $5.35

1600 column inches | $4.95

2000 column inches | $4.45

Prepared Inserts

Tabloid page size

Single sheet | $175.00

4-page | $325.00

Guaranteed position | 20% minimum

Mechanical measurements

Printing process: Offset

6 columns, 10.25”x 21.5”, 1 col = 1.6”, 2 col = 3.33”, 3 col = 5.06”, 4 col = 6.79”, 5 col = 8.52”, 6 col = 10.25”

Depth 21 inches

Electronic files

Send transmissions as .eps, .pdf or .jpg

ROP depth requirements

Ads 19.5 inches deep and over are charged full depth.


Established 1878

Per copy price | $1.00

Thursday (paid) | 1,400

Readership | 3,500


4:00 pm Friday prior to publication date


Publisher: Caroline Titus

Editor-in-Chief: Caroline Titus

Owned by: Cages Publishing, Inc.



The deadine for placing an ad in the Enterprise is 4:00 PM on the Friday before publication of the issue in which the ad is to appear. The Enterprise is published every Thursday.

Top / 10 reasons to advertise with The Enterprise / Advertising rates / Deadline