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Telephone: (707) 786-3068

Cell: (707) 845-3634

Fax: (707) 786-4311


Write: PO Box 1066, Ferndale, CA 95536 (map)

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Letters to the editor

The Ferndale Enterprise welcomes signed letters (real names only, please) with telephone numbers for verification, but reserves the right to edit them. Opinions expressed in columns, cartoons and Letters to the Editor do not necessarily reflect the editorial opinion of The Ferndale Enterprise. Thank you letters are not permitted. Instead they are welcome in our paid Card of Thanks classified section.

Got news?

How do you place an item of interest in The Ferndale Enterprise?

Email us with a press release or an announcement (Announcements and news releases can also be faxed: 707-786-4311.) We attempt to get as much news and information into the newspaper as possible, but we cannot guarantee publication of any information.

How do I get an obituary in the paper?

Again, email, fax or snail mail us the obituary along with a $25 payment. We also publish photos (jpegs, please) at no additional cost.

How do I get an engagement, wedding or anniversary in The Enterprise?

Email us information about your event as far ahead as possible and, if space permits, we will run an editorial-style story. Closer to the event, we offer “reminder ads” — 2 col. x 2 ads (about the size of a business card) to remind Ferndale “family and friends” (which means everyone) about the upcoming event. The cost is $23.80, a lot less money, we figure, then sending out invitations to the whole town.

If you have “social” news about a trip, birth, graduation, visit from long-lost relatives, etc., email our “Connections” columnist, Leanne McCulloch at or call her at 786-4033. She’s eagerly waiting to here what long-lost Ferndalers have been up to or any “social” news that Ferndale would enjoy reading about. Remember, The Enterprise is “all about us.”

Office hours

Our office hours are spotty. Best to call ahead and make sure someone is in. We’re here most all day on Monday and Tuesday and in and out the rest of the week, covering the news and taking care of business. We do have a drop box on the front of our building and an emergency contact phone number. If you’re really desperate, just ask around town where Editor/Publisher Caroline Titus is, and someone will probably be able to tell you. (Remember, Ferndale is a small town.)


The Ferndale Enterprise

207 Francis St, Ferndale, California 95536
Mail: PO Box 1066, Ferndale, California 95536

Telephone (707) 786-3068 Fax (707) 786-4311


Founded 1878. Published weekly. Publication #USPS 189-920.

Periodicals Postage paid at Ferndale, California under Act of Congress, March 3, 1879. POSTMASTER – Send address changes to our address. Subscriptions: $50 a year in Humboldt County; $50 elsewhere in California; $50 elsewhere in United States; $80 (airmail) outside the U.S.

Caroline Titus, Publisher/Editor/Writer/Production/Sales/Office Manager

Caroline Blattner, Proofreader

Published by Cages Publishing, Inc.

Caroline Titus, President

Stuart Titus, Vice-President

Member, California Newspaper Publishers Association

Member, National Newspaper Association

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